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Semillas Glookies

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Glookies Cannabis Strain

Get to be a super hero with the assistance of one of the prized performances that Expert Seeds offer. Combining the genetics of two of the most famous cannabis strains to come out of the West Coast, Glookies is a magnificent indica strain that delivers a highly potent high, fantastic flavor and enormous yields. Just remember your cape!

Glookies by Expert Seeds is a combination of two marijuana legends that do not need to be introduced because they are already well known. This strain is part of their Cali Collection. The formidable GG4 is combined with the well-known Original Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies to create an indica-predominant hybrid that is nothing short of outstanding.

Growing Glookies Seeds

The Glookie plant matures into a medium-sized shrub with a bushy appearance; the abundant side branching provides a preview of the enormous harvests to come. She will usually reach a manageable height of about a hundred centimeters when grown inside, which gives her an excellent choice for increasing rooms of practically any size. You could also plant her outside, where she will grow to a height of approximately 180 centimeters.

We are not kidding when we state that yields are tremendous when we mention that those monster side shoots will be bursting at the seams with loads of plump buds by the time bloom is over. Indoor yields can reach up to 800 grams per square meter, whereas outdoor harvests can get between 2,000 and 3,000 grams per plant if there is enough room. Her flowering period lasts for an average of sixty to seventy days.

Glookies Weed Taste & Smell

It should come as no surprise that Glookies’ taste is in a class all by itself. She creates an intriguing blend that is unlike anything else on the market by combining traces of walnut with undertones of sour diesel & key lime for a refreshing combination.

What else can we possibly discuss? It is abundantly evident that Expert Seeds hit a bomb with Glookies. If you are a fan of high-quality cannabis, you won’t want to pass up the opportunity to cultivate this lovely lady!

Glookies Marijuana Effect

Glookies is most certainly not a weakling as a result of her extraordinarily powerful parents. Because she contains up to 25% THC, just one or two hits of this girl will be enough to send you into an extreme state of stonedness. But unlike some other indicas, she doesn’t just give you a knockout stone; as she calms your body, she also provides you with the motivation and energy you need to turn a good day into a wonderful one or a poor day into one that isn’t so bad after all. Because of this incredible impact, she is the ideal pick-me-up and a fantastic smoker for assisting you in achieving any objective, regardless of the time of day or night.


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  1. l******Verified customer
    Love this strain easy to grow and taste awesome.
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    Glookies Seeds photo review
    Glookies Seeds photo review
    Glookies Seeds photo review
    l**********Verified customer
    Grew pretty fast
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Semillas Glookies

From 29.00